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John Wayne "The Gunslinger" Parr10-time World Champion

I use and recommend the Punch® Trophy Getter® competition mitts for all my cage fights. The Gel-MMA mitts give me the confidence to punch hard without damaging my knuckles, at the same time, giving protection to keep my opponent - safer than plain padded gloves.

Brett JefferyProfessional Heavyweight Boxer

I am currently using an old pair of Trophy Getters® that I have used six days a week for the last 2 years. They are only now showing signs of their age! I don't look after my gear at all and a lot of the time my gloves go in the back of my ute and sit in the rain overnight! I don't air them out, and I don't dry them. They may smell because of my laziness but I can't seem to kill them no matter how hard I try. I have been recommended to try different styles of gloves over the years but why fix it, if it doesn't break?!

Hayley BateupAustralian Professional Ironwoman

When I get serious with my training, I use Punch Equipment®.

Natasha SkyMuay Thai Fighter

My favourite Punch® product is the AAA Specials® gloves - they are by far the best gloves I have ever owned. I never hesitate to recommend the Punch® brand to anyone, from beginners to pro fighters.

Mark CastagniniFounder and Head Instructor of Hammer's Gym

Personally, I love the new Black Diamond Thai Pads.. light, comfortable and hard wearing. I push all my fighters to wear them, you just know they will last, be comfortable and are designed for the fighter. I now have Hammer's Gym completely decked out with Punch® gear.

Punch Equipment® NZ – Quality Boxing Gloves Online

Punch Equipment® was created in 1989 by Bruce, who is proudly born in New Zealand. Since the brand was created, it has become one of the world’s best boxing equipment suppliers, especially in the fitness industry. We put a large focus on providing Personal Trainers with quality gear for their clients. Every product that is designed by Punch® is created with care and detail in mind to ensure product quality.

In addition, the knowledgeable staff at Punch Equipment® have been involved in the Boxing and Muay Thai industry for over 20 years. Therefore, the team can help you choose the correct product for your needs.

Via our website for New Zealand customers, you will find our best range of boxing gloves, focus pads, headgear and boxing accessories. All of our gear has been “Tested on Humans”® since 1989 and will last years of training. We can ship to either the South or North Island and all items are shipping from our Australian Warehouse.