Black Diamond™ Classics Focus Pads Review

By April 12, 2018October 9th, 2019Product Reviews

Focus Pads Review

In this product review, we’re looking at the Black Diamond Focus Pads. We’ll explain how they’re designed and who we recommend these pads for.

Design Features – Weight

First of all, weight-wise, these pads are the heaviest in the range but for good reason. They’re ideally designed for taking power shots from heavy hitters, which explains why they’re a bit more heavier compared to our other focus pads. So if you’re training someone at the moment and the pads are getting thrashed around, we would highly recommend these pads for you! They do come at a higher price, but they’re well worth it in the end. They’ll save you from serious injuries and keep your client happy as they can smash the pad at will.

Design Features – Pad Design

In terms of the pad design, it’s a reasonably thick pad and this is where most of the weight is located. Next, we’ve designed it with an extra-wide security strap. So you can strap in and take the incoming blows with ease! Inside the pad, you’ll have a control mount which is very soft on your hands. So this pad will make you feel safe and is comfortable at the same time.

The pad is designed with a leather casing and it’s built to last years of training.


So in the end, we highly recommend this pad if you’re training heavy hitters or professional boxers.

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