Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review

By February 22, 2018October 9th, 2019Product Reviews

Muay Thai Gloves Review – Black Diamond™ Gloves

This Muay Thai Gloves review will detail the best reasons for choosing the Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves by Punch® Equipment NZ.

Glove Type – Muay Thai

Ideally the Black Diamond is designed for Muay Thai sparring. The glove protects you from incoming blows with strong padding around the wrist and other areas. It also has a wider head than usual, which also helps protect you from your opponent. With a full wrist wrap, this glove is ultimately one of the best protective glove in our range.

Why choose?

The Black Diamond should be purchased if you’re looking for a Muay Thai sparring glove or to hit heavy bags with. The handfit is comfortable for any hand size and it absorbs sweat nicely inside with Punchcool® lining.

Colour – Black

The glove is designed in full black leather with orange trimings.

Weights/Size – 12oz & 16oz

The Black Diamond is available in either 12oz or 16oz. The 12oz is great for ladies and small hands. The 16oz is the recommended weight for sparring and larger hands.

Muay Thai Gloves review