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Punch Reflex Ball FeatureProduct Reviews

Punch Reflex Ball NZ Review

Product Review - Punch Reflex Ball In this video review, we look at the Punch Reflex Ball and how it helps improve your overall Boxing skills. Best Features Comfortable Stretch Head Strap Easy to adjust String Improves your boxing skills! Requires minimal space Fits in your pocket or gym bag…
February 4, 2020
Punch Cobra Pad Black GoldProduct Reviews

Focus Pads Review – Urban Cobra Focus Pads V30 Urban Cobra Focus Pads V30 Review In this review, we'll look at the Urban Cobra Focus Pads V30 by Punch Equipment. Built for all levels of pad holders, beginners, personal trainers & professional coaches Ultra-lightweight pads for unrestricted movement & minimal shoulder fatigue Covered finger slots for additional hand…
January 15, 2020
Red Mexican UltraProduct Reviews

Boxing Gloves Review – Mexican Fuerte™ Ultra

Product Review - Mexican Ultra Glove Have a look at the video review of the Punch Mexican Fuerte™ Ultra Boxing Gloves. Authentic, state of the art 'Mexican glove' relaxed shaping, instantly noticeable when worn Perfectly balanced boxing glove for noticeably more effective punches and punching feedback True-to-weight guaranteed, hand-cut latex…
October 11, 2019
Video Thumbnail For Youtube Video Hrmv7snlm 0Boxing Tips

How to PUNCH harder with the correct technique

Learn how to Punch Hard Watch and learn as Khru Bruce (creator of Punch Equipment®) teaches you how to PUNCH hard with the correct technique. In this video, we’ll look at the following aspects that constitute a powerful and harder PUNCH: 1. The misconception that harder punches come from just…
Boxing Sticks PunchProduct Reviews

Boxing Foam Sticks – Product Review

Product Review - Boxing Foam Sticks This Boxing Foam Sticks Product Review will aim to explain the best features and how to use the sticks correctly. Design Firstly, these boxing sticks are foam based inside and come with a hand lanyard on the ends. The foam makes them lightweight but…
ThumpasHow to choose

How to buy Focus Pads

Boxing Pads - Buying Guide In this blog post, we'll review the Boxing Pads available at Punch® Equipment. Three Boxing Pads categories - General purpose training and fitness pads. - Specialist safety pads which are designed for maximum protection. - Professional boxing pads. General Fitness Pads - It's easy to…
March 29, 2018
Headgear Boxing Red Trophy GettersHow to choose

How to choose Boxing Headgear

What you'll learn in this review: The different types of headgear available for Boxing How to fit headgear How to choose headgear for the type of sport and training environment The different types of headgear available for Boxing: #1 - Open Face Headgear - For amateur boxing - No chin…
March 29, 2018
Black Lace UpsProduct Reviews

Competition Boxing Gloves – Lace Ups Review

Boxing Gloves Review - Competition Lace Ups This Boxing Glove review will detail the best reasons for choosing the Competition Boxing Gloves Lace Ups by Punch® Equipment NZ. Glove Type - Fighting The Competition Lace Ups are ideally designed for fighting and competition. They can also be used for general…
February 14, 2018
Punch Boxing Gloves Trophy Getters Yellow 2019Product Reviews

Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves Review

Boxing Gloves Review - Trophy Getters This Boxing Glove review will detail the best reasons for choosing the Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves by Punch Equipment® NZ. V30 - Update The V30 version of the Trophy Getters includes a special Truefit logo and an 18 oz version. We've also improved the…
February 7, 2018