Boxing Foam Sticks – Product Review

By May 10, 2018October 9th, 2019Product Reviews

Product Review – Boxing Foam Sticks

This Boxing Foam Sticks Product Review will aim to explain the best features and how to use the sticks correctly.


Firstly, these boxing sticks are foam based inside and come with a hand lanyard on the ends. The foam makes them lightweight but also not floppy like a pool noodle, which we’ll explain below.

Who are they for?

Ideally, these boxing sticks are great for warm-ups and warm-downs. Especially after a long training session on the pads. They can both help you, the Pad holder, and the client recovers from the effects of fatigue. It’s also a good idea to use them during warm-ups to get your client moving around and stretching their muscles. This will help them avoid any injuries as well.

What is the difference between boxing sticks and boxing pads?

Basically, the idea of the boxing sticks is to give your client a different training aspect compared to just hitting pads for an hour, for example. The sticks are very light so the chances of wrist pain, that comes with holding pads for a long time, are reduced. They also force your client to focus on accuracy as the smaller target is easier to miss, in contrast to a bigger boxing pad.

Great for training and improving Boxing technique

Another huge benefit of using these boxing sticks is the ability to train multiple Boxing techniques at the same time. During a short session, a client can work on their punching accuracy, footwork, evasion, ducking, power and more. So as you can see, the possibilities are really endless!

You can also train a variety of different types of boxers, such as children, large men, pro boxers, women and beginners. There’s also no contact required with your client. So we highly recommend these sticks for any trainer or coach that is looking for a different approach to their Boxing workout sessions.