Boxing Gloves Review – Mexican Fuerte™ Elite

Product Review – Mexican Elite Glove

This Boxing Gloves Review will look at the Punch Mexican Fuerte™ Elite Boxing Gloves.

Elite vs Ultra

Firstly, this glove is similar to the Ultra Glove but with a few slight differences.

The main difference comes with the Mexican thumb position which gives the Elite glove a more snug fist compared to the Ultra. The Elite glove is also only currently available in black and white. Whereas the Ultra glove comes in a red or blue. The other major difference is the price point. The Elite glove is well priced for its features as the ultra does cost extra for the advanced features. So it’s up to personal preference on which glove you prefer.


  • This glove is perfectly balanced for more effective punches & detectable striking feedback
  • It is a true to weight glove at 16 ounces with injected mould combination padding
  • Wicking linings and white contrast linings
  • It’s designed with premium extra thick cowhide leather
  • Tab attached thumbs for the ultimate protection of your hand/thumb
  • Designed with a thick full wrist wrap for wrist protection

Recommended For

We recommend this Mexican Boxing Glove primarily for sparring and training on heavy bags.

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