Boxing Gloves Review – Trophy Getters® V30

By September 3, 2019October 9th, 2019Product Reviews

Product Review – Trophy Getters

In this Boxing Gloves Review, we look at the popular Trophy Getters® Commercial Boxing Gloves.

Check out the above video review for a closer look and an overview of the new V30 features.

These Boxing Gloves are ideal for all types of Boxing training – making them the ultimate choice for people looking for one glove. So it can be used for hitting heavy bags, punching pads, general-purpose training, fighting and sparring.

They come in a wide range of colours and sizes for all to enjoy, whether you want a pink glove or yellow, we have you covered! Also, these gloves are available in 14 oz and 18 oz, which is the only glove in our range with these weights.

So we highly recommend the Trophy Getters® as our best glove for multiple types of Boxing training.

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