Browse the range of Boxing Gloves at Punch Equipment® NZ. Our gloves are available in a wide range of colour combinations and weights. You can find training gloves, bag gloves, mexican gloves, womens gloves, kids, sparring gloves and more! Punch® has been established since 1989 and only provides professional gloves. “Tested on Humans”® since 1989.

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Types of Boxing Gloves

Fitness – Fitness gloves are mainly designed for Personal Trainers who are looking for a mid-price glove that will last a few years of training clients in mass sessions. The gloves should be cleaned regularly and provide good support for your customers to avoid injury. We make sure all of our gloves are fully tested so you don’t need to worry!

Training – A training glove is ideal for all types of boxing. It needs to be able to handle general sparring and hitting bags. At Punch Equipment® NZ, the Trophy Getters are highly recommended for all-purpose boxing training.

Sparring – Sparring basically means you’re looking for a glove to help you train with another boxer.
Sparring boxing gloves are generally heavier in weight to help fighters train for a fight. The ideal weight is around 14oz to 18oz, depending on your hand size. Another key feature of a sparring glove is protection. They must provide more padding than usual to help avoid injuries and protect your sparring opponent. Our most recommended sparring glove is the Armadillo Safety Boxing Gloves. They provide awesome protection, white tips for scoring and a comfortable hand fit.

Competition – A Competition boxing glove is designed for fight nights. They’re usually designed in a lace up and this allows for customisation of the hand fit. The weight size should be lighter, around 8oz to 10oz, so the fighter can swing faster and defend quickly.

Hybrid – Hybrid gloves are unique as they provide the ability to catch punches and hit as well. So they’re great for one on one training.