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Boxing Pads – Buying Guide

In this blog post, we’ll review the Boxing Pads available at Punch® Equipment.

Three Boxing Pads categories

– General purpose training and fitness pads.
– Specialist safety pads which are designed for maximum protection.
– Professional boxing pads.

General Fitness Pads

– It’s easy to slip on and off
– No strap
– No slip whatsoever
– It’s got the right size control mount
– So this is generally chosen by the fitness market for mass class use
– This pad has a lifetime warranty
– Now if you’re training at home just one on one and you’re doing 10 rounds each
– I wouldn’t recommend this pad because this is meant for lots of people changing pads over regularly
– Instead, I would buy one with a security bar
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Pro Thumpas

– It’s made as a thicker version
– It’s got the big security strap
– More for one-on-one pad work
– Much thicker because this is for a trainer to be strapped in
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Specialist Pads

– It’s designed specifically for personal trainers who are training beginners
– There’s a big control bar inside for your safety and hand protection
– Designed for beginners
– The padding takes the shock out of your wrist and makes it a lot more comfortable
– The pad is still reasonably light so you can use it all day
– It’s a little bit bigger than the other pads so that beginners find it easier to punch

Professional Boxing Pads

– Velcro security strap on the back of each hand
– You slip your hand in and you tighten up the velcro
– It’s a very light pad
– Popular with boxing coaches
– You can do lots of boxing and evasion work
– High-density padding
– Focused on the little 10cm target
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Muay Thai Boxing Pads

– This is a Classic Muay Thai professional pad
– Can take heavy punches
– Twice to three times the weight of the pocket rocket
– It’s got a massive control bar inside
– Double stitching
– Gel face
– Designed for power punching and strong boxers
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– General Fitness – Choose a slip on and slip off pad.
– Changing pads a lot – Choose a pad with a security strap.
– Personal Trainer – Choose a big pad with a wrist stabiliser.
– Professional Boxer/Coach – Choose a smaller pad that can take heavy punches. Or you can choose a lighter pad for speed and accuracy training.