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How to Choose Boxing Equipment

Learn how to choose the correct Boxing Gear for your needs. We provide helpful video reviews that make decisions quick & easy!

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How to buy Focus Pads

Boxing Pads - Buying Guide In this blog post, we'll review the Boxing Pads available at Punch® Equipment. Three Boxing Pads categories - General purpose training and fitness pads. - Specialist safety pads which are designed for maximum protection. - Professional boxing pads. General Fitness Pads - It's easy to…
March 29, 2018
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How to choose Boxing Headgear

What you'll learn in this review: The different types of headgear available for Boxing How to fit headgear How to choose headgear for the type of sport and training environment The different types of headgear available for Boxing: #1 - Open Face Headgear - For amateur boxing - No chin…
March 29, 2018