Competition Boxing Gloves – Lace Ups Review

By February 14, 2018October 9th, 2019Product Reviews

Boxing Gloves Review – Competition Lace Ups

This Boxing Glove review will detail the best reasons for choosing the Competition Boxing Gloves Lace Ups by Punch® Equipment NZ.

Glove Type – Fighting

The Competition Lace Ups are ideally designed for fighting and competition. They can also be used for general sparring but you will need a trainer to tie up the laces.

Why choose lace ups?

The major benefit of using lace up gloves is the ability to provide a secure fit and a more custom fit compared to hook and loop wrist wraps. A hook and loop glove will give you a standard handfit, whereas the lace up design allows the boxer to alter the wrist size to their unique hands. During fight nights most boxers will use strapping tape to tighten the wrist area so the laces don’t come undone.

Colours – Black, Blue and Red

They can be purchased in Black, Blue and Red. Red would be the best choice since it hides blood, but there is no ideal colour choice, it’s just based on personal preference.

Weights/Size – 8oz to 12oz

In terms of weights, the gloves come in 8oz, 10oz and 12oz.

The 8oz is great for speed and quickness training in the ring. It’s also for smaller hands.
The 10oz is the ideal weight for fighting.
The 12oz is ideal for larger hand sizes. The heavier glove weight is also ideal for fight training as it will make the 8oz and 10oz feel a lot lighter in a fight. This means you can swing harder and longer.

Should I wear wraps?

We always recommend wearing wraps inside gloves as it helps protect your hands and gives the glove a break from sweat.