Headgear Review – Trophy Getters® Full Face Headgear

By April 5, 2018September 11th, 2019Product Reviews

Full Face Headgear Review

Here’s a product review on the Trophy Getters Leather headgear from Punch Equipment NZ.

Many colours

This is our full face series which comes in several sizes and colours. You’ve got the black blue, black red and the solid black. So I’ll remove the other colours just to make a little bit easier to show you the features on the headgear.

Design features

Straight away you can see the full face headgear is a fortune covering and cheekpiece. So the art of making a headgear is to taper the cheek piece in so you can still see something. Now, this headgear is designed for boxing and kickboxing on Muay Thai or martial arts. which means with the taper of this cheek piece, you can still see kicks coming. If this taper is incorrect you’ll only be able to see some punches and you won’t be able to see kicks or knees. So it’s essential when you’re buying a headgear to buy one that’s correctly made and not just a whole lot of padding on the cheek that hasn’t been thought about.

Designed for ear protection

The next thing is the ear protection is extra fat and it’s got an eardrum protector. Which just stops the glove making a seal there and possibly popping your eardrum. So we’ve got injected mold padding and shaping all around. The chin is another interesting feature. It’s got a Punchcool chin piece and that’s a sweat looking lining to stop slipping.

Fitting this headgear

To fix this headgear on your head, you simply adjust the lace on top and you sit down a chair to get someone else to tie it into where it’s comfortable. Then you never touch it again. From then on to put it on you just tear the back open and slip it on, close up and you’re done. So quite an easy on/off system, Punchcool lining right throughout the chin piece and the forehead as well so that you don’t slip and slide around this headgear. So massive protection but the skill in this headgear is how it’s shaped and made. So you’ll find this after about three weeks it sweats in and molds to your face, so don’t lend it to someone else. These are custom shaped once you’ve got them on your own head. They will bust into your own facial features.


In terms of size, the red/black and the blue/black come in a medium size and a large. But the solid black does come in as small as well for juniors.

So you’ve got a lot of choices here in this headgear. The big thing is fit and the key with headgear is to get them to fit tight. If you’re an adult generally the large will fit just about all adults. The medium would fit youths and the small would only fit a child or a particularly small head.


This is a full leather headgear Trophy Getters series from Punch Equipment being the range for over 18 years. This is about version 18 coming out now. It’s had modification after modification for the better. It’s a superb headgear that I highly recommend it for safe sparring. Remember headgear isn’t just for being hit, it also protects you from a fall. The ear protection it’s designed to stop your ear cartilage being busted up and this is to try and protect your face and nose. While you still do get banged around in headgear, it’s a lot better than not having it. So the Trophy Getters headgear from Punch Equipment is highly recommended for safety.