How to choose Boxing Gloves (Ultimate Guide)

The different types of Boxing Gloves

In this how to choose Boxing Gloves guide, the team at Punch Equipment® looks at the different types of gloves that you can purchase. We’ll aim to breakdown each glove type and recommend suitable options.

Bag Gloves

First off, a Bag glove is an essential apart of any Boxing Glove range. These are primarily built for pad and bag work. They should come with a good amount of padding to protect your hand and wrist from each impact.

Below, we’ll look at two of our most recommended bag gloves:

Armadillo™ Safety Bag Gloves

The Armadillo Bag Glove is designed for ultimate protection in our range of bag gloves. It’s a great glove for Personal Trainers and mass fitness boxing sessions. It comes with serious padding, making it great for people that are worried about injuries. So if you’re getting any wrist shock/pain with your current gloves, we definitely recommend this bag glove.

Best Features

The premium safety bag glove in the Punch Equipment® arsenal!
PUNCHFIT® approved bag gloves for personal trainer work & mass fitness class applications 
Engineered for serious boxing safety & injury risk prevention with 6cm of injected mould knuckle padding 
Injected mould straight thumb positioning for added safety
Built with a heavy-duty, full wrap, 3inch hook and loop wrist support
12oz Boxing glove sized hand fit
Sleek, durable & proven Matte Black, Enduro 35 leather hybrid synthetic casing

Mexican Bag Mitts

The Mexican Fuerte™ Bag Mitts is built to compliment your Mexican sparring gloves. This glove packs a punch with its lightweight build and is the equivalent of 7oz.

Best Features

A proven, authentic & professionally designed Mexican style bag mitt ( 7oz )
Tested for boxing bag and focus pads training
Developed for minimal restriction and excellent punching feedback
Full cowhide leather casing & premium latex padding for added shock absorbency
Red trindle inner linings for maximum hand comfort
Stretch 2-inch elastic wrist tab for a fantastic wrist fit
Open thumb compartment for enhanced quick drying
Adult Hand Size – Large

Kids / Youth Gloves

In terms of kids or youth gloves, the key here is to buy a glove that offers ultimate protection, while not being too heavy yet. Since their muscles haven’t developed yet, there’s not much point buying a heavy glove until they grow older. That’s why you’ll mainly find kids gloves that are either 4oz to 8oz, depending on their age/weight. So you would choose a 4oz for a very small/young child. Then as they age, move onto the 6oz. An 8oz is suitable for teenagers as well.

At Punch Equipment®, we have you covered with a number of kids gloves.

The above video provides a great explanation of the difference between our 4 oz and 6 oz gloves. So you can you this as a reference.

Training / Sparring Gloves

Next, we have training / sparring gloves, which is the mainstay of any Boxers arsenal. A sparring glove must protect both opponents as the aim is to practice technique, not knock them out! So they should be equipped with large amounts of padding and high visible colours are always recommended. Which weight/size you would choose, is based on the person’s weight/age and preference. In general, 16 oz is usually the best weight for sparring. But again, this will change for certain individuals.

In the Punch Equipment® range of boxing gloves for sparring or training, the Trophy Getters are our most recommended gloves. The major reason why is because of there versatilely. As such, they can be used for all types of Boxing and save you from carrying around multiple gloves for different types of training.

Black Diamond Special Boxing Gloves V30

Developed with unique, highly protective features for the serious muay thai boxers
Designed with V-Carpal wrist protection built into each wrist join for ‘roll back’ resistance
Fully Cowhide leather outer casing, ventilated mesh & Punchtex reinforced palm for greater sweat resistance 
Deluxe palm pillow swells
Streamlined, thick, full wrap wrist closure
Authentic Thai style broader, shorter glove head for better defensive glove positioning
Limited edition faded star, blue/red artwork

Armadillo™ Safety Boxing Gloves V30

The premium safety boxing glove in the Punch Equipment® arsenal!
Version 30 – Technologically advanced hand fit with over 30 years of experience behind its hand fit design
Engineered for superior protection for your sparring & injury prevention
Built with the exclusive 6cm Armadillo™ injected padding over the knuckles
Designed with an intricate, turned in, injected Mexican thumb support padding to lower the risk of injury
Built with a heavy-duty, full wrap, 3inch hook and loop wrist support
Full genuine Cowhide leather casing with pillow palms allowing for a perfectly filled fist.

Women’s Gloves

Women’s Gloves should provide a comfortable hand-fit as in general, a ladies hand will be different in size compared to a man.

Video Review

The BLING Boxing Range for Women
Designed by a Woman for Women
Punch Pocket within wrist wrap to stash your key, ring or cash
Extra soft, luxurious hand fit & incredibly comfortable plush inner lining
Built with a premium injected mould padding & generous palm pillowing
True-to-weight boxing gloves
Solid hook & loop, wrist wrap closure with custom micro elastic adjustment to suit slender wrists
Designed with high-grade Enduro 35 synthetic casing

Fitness Gloves

Fitness gloves are basically designed for either Personal Trainers or Home use. For Personal Trainers, they’ll be looking for a set of gloves that will provide safety and durability for mass boxing sessions. While for the home user, they can choose a Bag or Boxing Glove, depending on personal needs. Fitness Boxing Gloves are generally well priced as they shouldn’t be overly expensive. But also, it’s not a great idea to look for cheap fitness gloves because this can create serious injuries down the track.

Urban Boxing Gloves

In our range of fitness gloves, the Urban Boxing Gloves are our best sellers. This is mainly because of it’s range of impressive features for the price point. They also come in a massive variety of colours.

A proven, high-grade, synthetic boxing glove for the beginner & intermediate boxer!
3 weights & 10 colourful options to choose from!
True-to-weight boxing gloves
Designed with a high-grade Enduro 35 synthetic casing
Built with premium, injected mould padding & generous palm pillowing
3 inch thick Hook & Loop wrist closure for added wrist support

Urban Cobra Boxing Gloves

Our other recommended glove for fitness is the Urban Cobra Glove. It’s basically designed for people who train a few times a week, whether it be at home or the local gym. It’s a very versatile glove as we have designed them for all types of Boxing training. With a comfortable hand-fit, padded thumbs and more, this glove is a big hit in the fitness glove range.

Developed for the intermediate boxers
Designed for all uses of boxing training
Built with a mesh breather palm for added ventilation
Leather outer casing & black carbon fibre Enduro wrist
Turned in, padded thumbs for added protection when striking
Relaxed easy access hand fit

Mexican Gloves

Mexican gloves are usually a premium pair of gloves reserved for serious and Professional Boxing. These type of gloves come with a comfortable hand-fit and overall, offer the best of the best when it comes to a Boxing glove.

Mexican Fuerte™ Ultra Boxing Gloves

Authentic, state of the art ‘Mexican glove’ relaxed shaping that is instantly noticeable when worn
Perfectly balanced boxing glove for noticeably more effective punches and punching feedback
True-to-weight guaranteed, hand cut latex & injected mould combination padding 
Trindle/Tafitta wicking gloves linings with premium grade, extra thick cowhide leather casings
Custom shaped fist & thumb positioning for those who can truly tell the difference! 
A stunning Mexican styled boxing glove for sparring!
Thick, full wrap, hook & loop wrist closure for added security

Mexican Fuerte™ Elite Boxing Gloves

The original, specialist turned in, Mexican thumb position for a really ‘SNUG’ fist in comparison to the Ultra.
Authentic, state of the art ‘Mexican glove’ shaping, instantly noticeable by those who can truly tell the difference
Perfectly balanced boxing gloves for more effective punches & detectable striking feedback
True-to-weight guaranteed, hand cut latex & injected mould combination padding
Trindle/Tafitta wicking linings & white contrast stitching
Premium grade, extra thick cowhide leather casings with tab attached thumbs
A stunning Mexican styled boxing glove for sparring!
Thick, full wrap, hook & loop wrist closure for a wrist security

Lace Up Gloves

Lace Up Gloves provide a different element of gloves in the market. The lace up gives the user the ability to customise their preferred hand-fit. These type of gloves are generally the most preferred option for fight nights in either 8 oz or 10 oz.

Mexican Fuerte™ Elite Lace Up Boxing Gloves

We have a premium pair of Lace up gloves available in the Mexican range. It’s a true to weight glove and comes with all the great features of the normal Elite Mexican Glove.