How to use the Punch Equipment® Coach Boxing Sticks!

By June 29, 2018October 8th, 2019Boxing Tips

Coach Boxing Sticks Tips

Learn how to use Punch® Equipment Coach Boxing Sticks to Improve your training. Add these sticks to your training equipment and we guarantee you will love them!

What are Coach Boxing Sticks for?

Boxing sticks are designed for many types of training.
Punch® Coach Boxing Sticks will improve your skills including footwork, evasion & guarding, striking accuracy and more.
We would recommend the sticks for any type of trainer, such as a Boxing instructor/trainer, Personal trainer and fitness coach.

What about using a pool noodle?

The main difference between the coach sticks and a pool noodle is the overall structure & firmness.
A pool noodle is very light, floppy, easily bent and aren’t designed for absorbing strikes.
Punch Coach boxing sticks are made for absorbing punches, elbows and light kicks!
It also looks more professional compared to a cheap pool noodle.
Please watch our product review above to visually see the difference between our Punch® Coach Boxing Sticks and a pool noodle.


Punch® Coach boxing sticks are made from a Punchtex core & foam lined for firm structural integrity with a lanyard on each stick to stop any unnecessary slips.

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