Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves (16 oz) Review

By March 20, 2018September 11th, 2019Product Reviews

Mexican Boxing Gloves Review

This Mexican Boxing Gloves review will detail the best reasons for choosing the Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves (16 oz) by Punch Equipment® NZ.

Glove Type – Mexican

It’s quite a broad glove and the thumb sits in real tight against the head. These are silky comfortable inside and they really love your hands.

Why choose?

The Mexican Boxing Gloves are great for sparring opponents and hitting heavy bags.

Colours – Black, Red, White, Yellow

The glove comes in four different colours: Black, Red, White and Yellow.

Weights/Size – 16oz only

As this glove only comes in 16oz, it’s highly recommended for sparring and people with larger hands.