Armadillo™ Safety Boxing Gloves V30

  • The premium safety boxing glove in the Punch Equipment® arsenal!
  • Version 30 - Technologically advanced hand fit with over 30 years of experience behind its hand fit design
  • Engineered for superior protection for your sparring & injury prevention
  • Built with the exclusive 6cm Armadillo™ injected padding over the knuckles
  • Designed with an intricate, turned in, injected Mexican thumb support padding to lower the risk of injury
  • Built with a heavy-duty, full wrap, 3inch hook and loop wrist support
  • Full genuine Cowhide leather casing with pillow palms allowing for a perfectly filled fist.
(25 customer reviews)

$139.99 NZD


Why Choose?

The Armadillo™ Boxing Gloves purpose-built for person to person full contact sparring.
As soon as your hand goes inside this glove – a message is sent to your brain saying ‘protected’
These highly protective sparring gloves go hand-in-hand with the PUNCHFIT approved, ‘Armadillo’ Safety Bag Gloves.
Partnering these gloves will greatly increase the longevity of both gloves as they can be used specifically for their engineered design.
This glove has a massive amount of custom dye injected Armadillo™ padding throughout to protect the user and their training partners!
If you are prone to injury, currently injured or experiencing hand or wrist injuries during training, we recommend switching to the Armadillo™ Boxing Gloves.

Serious Safety

This gloves white circular ended tip design also assists training partners to spot punches being thrown their way.
The 16oz is a preferred weight for sparring when over approx. 73Kg, however, the 12oz is the perfect sparring glove for under 73kg fighters.
If you’re looking for the ultimate knuckle /thumb protection in a boxing glove, or on the mend from a minor hand injury, choose the Armadillo™.

Hand Wraps/Inners

We always recommend wearing wraps or inners when using boxing gloves to extend the life of the glove and to help absorb sweat away from the glove. Buy hand wraps and cotton inners online today.

25 reviews for Armadillo™ Safety Boxing Gloves V30

  1. Luke Michael Ceko

    I’m very pleased with my gloves – they were recommended to me by my coach and I just feel I can focus on my training more so supportive so good will be sure to check out any new items you guys have in the future

    Pros: Everything - love the protected padded thumb!

    Cons: Hard to say any cons- maybe some more cool colour combinations ?

    Best user for: Everything- Pad work personal training sessions with your coach bag work everything

  2. Thomas Doran

    great fitting glove, will definitely purchase more in the near future!

    Pros: fits very well

    Cons: none thus far, hopefully it’s durable

    Best user for: will be used for sparring

  3. Blair

    Amazing protection, the padding over the knuckles is next level. Ideal sparring gloves. Very comfortable and very high quality. If you have hand issues or just want the safest gloves you can by, these should be your first choice.

    Pros: Massive amount of padding. Comfortable.

    Best user for: Sparring

  4. Jordan

    The Armadillo Safety Boxing Gloves provide really great quality padding, perfect for sparring even with a 12oz. The hand fit is really comfortable and secure.

  5. Michael Sinfield

    Great gloves for hitting the bag and sparring, will never buy anything different

    Pros: Solid wrist support

    Cons: N/a

    Best user for: Sparring and bag work

  6. Christopher Batkin

    Great hand protection.

    Pros: Hand protection and comfortable fit.

    Cons: Nothing

    Best user for: Heavy bag, pads, sparring

  7. m.g.sinfield

    Great gloves I have bought several pairs and all have lasted with heavy use.
    Can’t wait to get back in the gym and smash some rounds out with these bad boys

  8. Annette

    What i feel like are my first REAL GLOVES. Not only are they supportive and secure but they are SEXY as well!
    I purchased these after working with gym gloves for 6 months and have been told i box better when wearing them too!

    Pros: - Support - Protective -Comfortable - Trustworthy

    Cons: - NONE

    Best user for: Partner work sparring training on the bags ALL THE THINGS! <3

  9. tarnrob

    I bought Armadillo safety 12oz gloves to replace my worn out twins. What an amazing difference! The comfort and support are brilliant. I am a heavy puncher and they soak up extensive punishment and I NEVER have sore wrist or bruised knuckles like before. They are made beautifully and are perfectly balanced. A great durable training glove that provides excellent support for heavy bag and pad work. Highly recommended.

  10. Daniel McDonald

    The perfect sparring glove

    Pros: Perfect tight fitting

    Best user for: Sparring and heavy bag work

  11. Brendan strong

    I have bought armadillos for the past 10 years of my fighting career and have used many other brands. I’m my opinion there is no better option. They are well made gloves offering thumb protection, plenty of firm padding and extremely good wrist support. They are a sleek design with strong stitching that doesn’t split. I recommend to everyone in our gym to buy the armadillos. 100% satisfied with this product.

    Pros: Extremely good thumb protection as it holds it in tight. Great wrist support and plenty of padding across knuckles. Internal lining very strong and the stitching doesn’t split like other brands. I have been buying armadillos for 10 years and haven’t had a bad pair yet.

    Cons: Nil

    Best user for: All forms of boxing. Extremely comfy hitting a heavy bag. I like them when hitting the pads the most as they are so comfy and feel solid when they make contact.

  12. dreis_roger

    I recently purchased the v18 Armadillo gloves and I am blown away by how good they feel on the hand.

    Pros: Excellent hand and wrist protection; gloves are bang on 16oz and yet feel lighter due to the excellent weight distribution; can be a single glove solution.

    Cons: I like them so much I want to immediately buy the v30s too 🙁

    Best user for: pad work, heavy bag, shadow boxing and partner friendly sparring.

  13. Jax

    Very solid gloves, great all round. Had them a year, keep them dry and they last a long time. I had used a few other kinds before these and these ones have better protection.

    Pros: superb thumb protection, can spar and bag punch easily

    Cons: Almost too padded initially, but worn down a little. The white parts flake off in tiny areas but no structural damage in a year of beating

    Best user for: general work, spar, bag, shadow box equally well

  14. Eric Hammergren

    I use my ARMADILLO™ SAFETY BOXING GLOVES four times a week for Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s Disease in Raleigh, North Carolina USA. They have held up awesomely for 16 months. I am getting ready to buy some replacements and I will not hesitate to buy ARMADILLO™ SAFETY BOXING GLOVES again.

    Pros: Lots of padding on the knuckles. Love the graphics on the gloves.

    Cons: White area get dirty from community bags at boxing facility.

    Best user for: Heavy bag training.

  15. speedtriple08

    Awesome gloves, brilliant fit and feel, and the safety factor is number one, great quality and price, well done PUNCH ?

  16. b-adams

    Best gloves I’ve used! Perfect fit, great quality, super protective for myself and training partners! Also great on the bag.

  17. Paul Barrett

    I use these gloves in training and competitions – I would highly recommend them to any promoter or gym thinking of running competitive amateur boxing. They provide protection for both the wearer and his opponent.
    I’ve made enquires with WA’s Combat Sport Commission and they support my use of them in up coming amateur events. I’ve invested in 16 pairs and if they are like PUNCH’s other products they’ll last years and years.

  18. Jayden nichols

    I have used punch gloves for 8 years. I think these gloves are the best yet. Great wrist protection and perfect for me . With damaged hands due 2 pro boxing fight. Now with these gloves i can punch with full snap and power and give me full protection without any worries. Great job with these gloves guys there the best out.
    Cheers plugger jayden nichols former pro austrailan crusierweight champion

  19. Shannon Ross

    Best gloves I’ve used for sparring!!
    Keep hands and training partners safe
    I have been using these armadillos for roughly 5/6 fight camps now! The durability is amazing, they still look brand new
    Great wrist support and superior hand and knuckle protection

  20. Garry

    I had a history of breaking my left hand (4 times), and these gloves have been magic ever since I started using them, taken all the worry out of training. Outside of the injury prevention, they are also just a very nice glove to box with. Not too cumbersome like a lot of 16oz gloves. Highly recommend the gloves, and highly recommend Punch for their service.

  21. Jascon

    I have been trying so many gloves it’s insane. I used these then went to a new UK brand which were twice as much. They felt awkward so after googling non stop was going to buy either these or the New Mexicans ones from punch. Decided that sometimes it better to stick which something you know, and very happy. I love the feel but also they aren’t as wide as some 16oz so you don’t feel like you have two wet fish on your hands. My trainer said he noticed the difference with my punches as well. Only issue is the last pair only lasted around 12 months . But I guess using them everyday for heavy bag and sparring for $130 isn’t pad. Basically best gloves ever

  22. Timmy Thompson

    I like them so much I use them while masturbating!

  23. Derek C

    Amazing gloves. Always had hand issues with others brands (knuckles and thumbs) but since using these have not had a single injury. I have smallish hands and the earlier versions fit perfectly – I often find other brands to broad. Give them a go.

  24. Ash Sparkes

    Love these gloves for sparring,
    The 12oz makes it easier to keep my guard up while getting some better shots in.
    The best part is being able to strike harder with a much smaller risk of injuring my teammates!

    Pros: Super padded

    Best user for: Sparring


    Comfortable, Great fit and provide effective support.

AAA Punch® Equipment

Professional commercial grade authentic pre test models for heavy duty gymnasium/ commercial applications. 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, excludes normal wear and tear.

Armadillo Injected Padding

This yellow safety symbol indicates Armadillo inject mould machine padding, (A.I.M.) inside for your maximum safety and protection. Armadillo Injected Padding is an exclusive original from Punch® Equipment featuring hi-memory density controlled technology to provide an authentic even, "Impact Control System" (I.C.S.)

Attached thumbs

Gloves are designed with attached thumbs for extra safety.

For Sparring

Can be used for sparring opponents.

Full Wrist Wrap

These gloves are designed with a full hook and loop closure for your protection.

Punching Bag Training

This product is ideal for punching bag training.

Tested on Humans®

Pre-test slogan of Punch® Equipment, since 1989. Registered trade mark slogan used under licence.

True to Weight

Product is made to be at least the stated weight & true. International length of glove.