Bag Swivel & Snap Hooks

  • Dual Snap hooks for easy on/off attachment
  • The perfect accessory for an Urban Boxing Bag
  • Smooth swivel action
  • Allows boxing bags to comfortably spin 360 degrees
  • Quality metal construction

$24.99 NZD

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Why choose the boxing bag swivel with snap hooks?

The Punch boxing bag swivel with snap hooks is used for attaching a boxing bag to a ceiling hook.
This is the perfect accessory for your Urban Boxing Bags or any strap type boxing bag.
This accessory allows strap-held boxing bags to spin freely, eliminating the stress on your boxing bag straps.
The snap hooks allow you to clip your bag straight to your ceiling hook or wall bracket in seconds.
If your boxing bag is missing a swivel, you’ve found the perfect boxing bag accessory!