Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

  • The Boxing Glove for Muay Thai!
  • Developed for Muay Thai specialists
  • Purposely designed for Muay Thai sparring protection
  • Lined with 'Punchcool' linings for sweat resistance & heavy satin for an incredibly comfortable hand fit
  • Added dual roller wrist bars & added palm pillowing to lower the risk of injury when striking & blocking strikes
(36 customer reviews)

$159.99 NZD


Product Description – Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

The Black Diamond Muay Thai Gloves are specially designed for muay thai training and has a range features to take your training to another level.

Best features

  • AAA Rated
  • Deluxe pillow palms
  • Double roll bar wrist impact padding
  • Full wrap wrist
  • Full attached thumbs
  • MATERIAL – Leather – Plush Matt finish, Extra thick orange contrast stitching
  • Satin feel Punchcool® lining
  • SIZE:12oz, 16oz

Defend yourself from incoming strikes with the double roll bar wrist padding and deluxe pillow palms. With extra padding on the wrist you can take elbow, knee and shin strikes easily when defending and avoid injuries.

The Black Diamond muay thai gloves come in 12oz and 16oz only.
It is a flagship glove for sparring. It is sports specific which means it’s ideal for Muay Thai sparring.
Punch® Equipment have laid padded rolls down the wrist which allows you to take heavy shin kicks and block knees with a lot more ease than normal boxing gloves.

The Black Diamond boxing gloves are well constructed with colour coded orange satin linings inside. 3-inch hook and loop wrist.
Same hand fit as our Trophy Getters but with unique features and extra thick leather throughout. Ideally, this is the best Muay Thai glove on the market. AAA Grade 2 year warranty. Available in black only.

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36 reviews for Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves


    Heaps of support around your hands and wrists
    Great glove!

  2. Alejandro

    Amazing fit and feel


    PUNCH ON!!!
    Honestly some of the best gloves on the market. The fit is incredible! The lining of these gloves adapts to your hand immediately and is so comfortable. You know you’re wearing quality!
    They add confidence to your punches and are very responsive when making contact to pads and in sparring aswell as giving protection taking hits.
    You definitely wont regret purchasing a pair.
    Consider them an INVESTMENT!
    Damian – PT Coach

  4. Isaac

    Great firm comfortable glove, snug fit and a lot of protection on the wrists for checking kicks. Love my pair!

    Pros: Tight fit, look great, excellent durability in leather and padding.

    Cons: Nil

    Best user for: Kickboxing

  5. Ian Thompson

    Great glove the feel the balance everything is top quality.Don`t know about how long they will last but the Punch brand is renowned for durability.
    Can highly recommend these gloves.
    Ian Thompson

  6. Liam

    These gloves have been the most comfortable I’ve used so far. They feel broken in as soon as you put them on. I haven’t used them long enough to gauge their durability, however I have a pair of Armadillos that have been in constant use for three years and they are still going strong, so I have high hopes for these gloves too!

    Pros: Good for bags, pads and sparring Comfortable from first use Padding along the palms and wrists for blocking kicks and knees.

    Cons: Nothing so far

    Best user for: Everything, exceptional sparring gloves

  7. Riley

    Bought these gloves a few months back. So far so good! Very comfortable and supportive. And they look pretty cool as well. I’ve just been using them for training and bag work, and honestly love them.

    Pros: Comfy Looks good Good wrist support

    Cons: Only one colour option

    Best user for: Sparring, bag work, pad work, looking cool.

  8. Graham Waldron

    Great gloves, used for pads and sparring and they hold up well.
    Extra padding is great for when blocking hooks and kicks

  9. Ben

    Outstanding Gloves – great fit, excellent durability. Highly recommended for anyone looking for quality gear.

    Pros: Great fit Excellent wrist support Slim Profile Very durable

    Cons: Pricey (but worth it) Limited colour options Limited weight range (10’s and 14’s would be a nice option

    Best user for: Competition, sparring, training

  10. lhilliard1

    Another great glove purchase from Punch.
    Great quality. I like the simple but classy look.
    Great fist position as always with Punch Equip Gloves

  11. Keith

    I bought myself a 16oz pair 6 months ago for Muay Thai and boxing training and sparring. Super comfortable, and awesome quality, they feel great to use, and look awesome paired with the matching Black Diamond Muay Thai shin guards. No signs of wear and tear yet from usage of 1 times per week on average over 6 months. I almost bought the LIMITED EDITION BLACK DIAMOND SPECIAL BOXING GLOVES V30 instead, due to those ones having the ventilated mesh, but I have small/medium hands, and these ones fit me better, so chose these, and glad I did, as my worries about them being too hot and sweaty turned out to be not a problem at all. I always wear wraps or quick wraps anyway, which take up most of the sweat. I always wipe them out and air them after use, and they have no bad smells at all. I bought them to replace my cheapo synthetic gloves I got from somewhere else, and those have now been relegated to the bottom of the fight gear chest.

    Cons: They don't make 10oz or 14oz, otherwise I would have bought my son a pair of 10oz, and as he grows, he'd end up with a 14oz at some point too.

  12. Tyler Nugent

    If you need a great pair of durable comfortable and lightweight glove theses are for you, theses were my fist purchase from PUNCH and lets just say it had me coming back for more! Theses have to be some of the best gloves on the market and for $150 it’s a steal! Trust me you won’t referent purchasing these gloves.

    Pros: Durable lightweight and comfortable

    Cons: I have no complaints at all

    Best user for: Sparring, pad work and bag work.

  13. Alex Ly

    Great support all around for Muay Thai gloves.
    Comfortable and cooling inside.
    Good padding around the wrists to block kicks.
    The leather smells nice!
    Been sparring with these for almost 2 years on a weekly basis, still going strong!
    I have 85kg, 175cm and fit 16oz very well.

    Pros: - Extra padding on wrists for blocking head kicks - Comfortable - Durable

    Cons: Not that I can think of

    Best user for: Muay Thai drills and sparring

  14. Ox

    I’m 5’10and these in 16oz are way to small for my hands.”

    Pros: Appears to be well made

    Cons: Way to small

  15. Jacinta Harvey

    I have owned Punch Trophy Getter style gloves in the past and they have been tough and reliable but I recently changed to the Black Diamond Muay Thai gloves and I have to say they that using a glove specifically designed for my sport has been so beneficial. I love them!

    Pros: Comfort.... fit..... support

    Best user for: Muay Thai

  16. Ben

    These gloves are by far the most comfortable glove I have ever worn. Unlike other gloves that can be quite stiff and rigid until broken in, the super soft and comfortable satin lining Of these gloves is like no other from the very first time you put them on. very comfortable yet supportive. Can’t recommend these gloves enough.

    Pros: Super comfortable

    Best user for: I personally use them for Boxing only and love them for mitt work.

  17. Rebecca Moore

    Ive been using these gloves for the last 6 months, 6 days a week, always comfortable and made extremely well!
    You can hit hard and the gloves can take it!

    Pros: Well made, So comfortable

    Best user for: All round training

  18. Cheyanne Hunt

    Great gloves for sparring, love the padded protection around the wrists!

  19. Steve

    Awesome gloves, couldn’t be happier.

    Pros: Quality made, delivered efficiently.

    Cons: Nil

    Best user for: Pad work, bag work.

  20. Phillip Powell

    Best gloves I have ever used


    Cons: None

    Best user for: Heavy bag work and most of all sparring!

  21. Robert Liberty

    Hey everybody it’s Rob Liberty remember that time when I just now made a review about how hard and long it takes to get these black diamond gloves will literally after I sent the review I get a knock / doorbell ring from my substitute postal worker who makes me sign for this beautiful package that securely Tate and reveals the most amazing gloves I’ve ever seen / put on immediately start breaking in and feel as if you’re wearing a pair of isotoners I can’t wait to use them on the bag I am so excited and glad that I am a big impatient baby punch equipment sure knows how to work their magic for their customers I am mesmerised

    Pros: The pros are they feel amazing you know that you're getting a comfortable punch every single time without solutely no damage to your any part of your body

    Cons: Here's the con if you live somewhere far away like me in the United States get ready to use your old pair of gloves for a while until do you show up but when they do holy cow toss the other ones

    Best user for: For me I'm going to use them for the bag we have gigantic 500 lb and 300 lb punching bags that my gym that are hard as rocks and hardly go anywhere when you hit them unless you're me of course I'm a badass sew a pair of gloves like this or exactly what the doctor ordered

  22. Xavier

    Fantastic gloves. Have used them for a couple of months now before review. Can’t fault them. Super comfortable… high quality… and they look the part.

    Pros: Comfort. Looks. Durability. Support.

    Cons: None.

    Best user for: Great all round for kickboxing work. Maybe less for bag drills.

  23. Gino Vallelonga

    Very durable boxing gloves. All the black diamond gear is top notch!!

    Best user for: Boxing, Kickboxing.

  24. Lachlan stenning

    Felt as though I needed to inform everyone how good these gloves are !

    Pros: Awesome padding for my hands, as I am able to hit as hard as I can without any harm compared to others. Love the lightness of the gloves and how well that are made as they last forever. Very reliable and stay in great condition for a long period of time, most comfortable glove I have warm and would not hesitate to buy a pair of punch gloves !

    Cons: There isn’t much to say As I haven’t had one pad experience with my punch gloves.

    Best user for: Boxing

  25. Skylah hamill

    Best gloves ive ever owned.The lining feels so luxurious and comfortable with great padding.Every punch i throw feels amazing from the support to the weight. Punch you have done it again you can definitely feel the quality of the black diamond gloves as soon as you put them on.

  26. yiwen tao

    nice gear

  27. Michael Dukes

    Just received the gloves in the mail and I’m seriously impressed! They are roughly the same profile as my top kings but much less pillowy, a better fit from the start ( my top kings took quite a while to break-in) and the velcro wrap/wrist support is actually better! There isn’t a stitch out of place either, and best of all they match my black diamond shin pads which are also top quality.. sooo stoked!!!

  28. Jason Lee

    Best gloves I have ever used! I have been through so many 12oz gloves trying to find the right one & these are absolutely perfect! Most comfortable gloves ever! Highly recommended

  29. Breanna Pheeney

    I train at Double Dose Muay Thai Australia, and have been using the new diamond edition gloves and I love them. Great design and fit, perfect for all training types (bag/pads, sparring etc.)

  30. Matthew Lyons

    Awesome sparing gloves I got the 12oz and there so comfortable

  31. Kim

    I am loving my new black diamond 16oz gloves for sparring.
    They fit well, do up nicely and I love the gel like feel on the inside, very comfortable.

  32. Chris Brooker

    These gloves are all class !
    Once you put your hand inside them, you can tell they are quality.
    My hands always feel safe and solid. No way I can go back to any other brand.

  33. Ash Sparkes

    My new favourite Gloves, had twins, punish, Punch Trophy Getters but these are so comfortable and fit so snug, I literally wore them at home before I broke them in for the first time, SO COMFY!

  34. Fiona

    Great glove. Good wrist support. Nice snug fit especially for smaller hands. Can make a fist easily without too much padding getting in the way. Love this glove.

  35. Jarreau Terry

    These gloves not only look great but give solid wrist support. Unreal for pad work and the fit with your hands is so tight that you don’t really need wraps tbh

  36. jkfight

    The Black Diamond glove is the #1 choice for sparing and hard pad work in our club. The amazing fit and feel the glove make training awesome.

AAA Punch® Equipment

Professional commercial grade authentic pre test models for heavy duty gymnasium/ commercial applications. 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, excludes normal wear and tear.

Attached thumbs

Gloves are designed with attached thumbs for extra safety.

CoolPunch® Airflow technology

Shown with a product incorporating Punch® Equipment's latest meshed airflow technology. Cool Punch® is a registered trademark used under licence.

For Sparring

Can be used for sparring opponents.

Full Wrist Wrap

These gloves are designed with a full hook and loop closure for your protection.

Punching Bag Training

This product is ideal for punching bag training.

True to Weight

Product is made to be at least the stated weight & true. International length of glove.

Tested on Humans®

Pre-test slogan of Punch® Equipment, since 1989. Registered trade mark slogan used under licence.