Black Diamond™ Steel Groin Guard V30

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  • Designed for superior protection against accidental groin strikes
  • Carbon fibre, mya coated steel cup for premium shock resistance
  • 2 Cup Sizes
  • Adjustable pull back, Hook & Loop closure for easy adjustment.
  • Black
  • Red
  • S/M
  • L/XL

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Why choose the Black Diamond™ Steel Groin Guard V30?

The Black Diamond™ is the premium metal groin guard from Punch Equipment for your training & sparring needs.

Made with high-quality steel & Thailand leather, this Groin Guard is built to survive round upon round of sparring.

As groin guards are a necessity for all combat sports, the Black Diamond™ Groin Guard is here to protect you against any accidental groin strike.

This guards super stretchy elastic waistband & incredibly strong Hook & Loop waist closure allows for quick & easy, on/off usage and gives the user full range of movement with the compromise!

This fantastic groin guard is currently available in 2 cup and adjustable waist sizes.

3 reviews for Black Diamond™ Steel Groin Guard V30

  1. Darren Freiberg

    Perfect Groin Guard for Muay Thai!!! As comfortable as a groin Guard can be!!! Can slip on and off with ease!!! Offers Great Protection.

  2. Ash Sparkes

    Protects the valuables while not feeling bulky,
    If you’ve every worn a thai cup with lacing you’ll understand how uncomfortable they can be.
    I’ve worn this groin guard for 3 fights and had no issues whatsoever.

    Pros: Pull back strap makes it easy to fit my waistline Not bulky

    Best user for: Sparring & Competition

  3. Nick Atkins

    Steel groin guard is a must!
    The Punch Groin Guard fits perfectly, highly receommend

    Pros: Steel Fits great

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Protecting the jewels!

Groin Guards Size Chart

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