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Black Diamond™ Student Muay Thai Pads V30

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$169.99 NZD

  • Designed to give the striker & pad holder super soft & forgiving feedback from strikes
  • Engineered for Muay Thai trainers/padholders, entry-level students & heavy hitters
  • Straight pillow face to minimise the chances of missing strikes
  • Expertly hand-crafted with strong lacing & double stitched
  • Simple to grip Thai handlebars
  • Dual forearm, hook & loop, pull back cushion straps

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Why choose the Black Diamond™ Student Thai Pads V30?

The Black Diamond Student™ Thai Pads V30 are ideal for fight/fitness gyms, coaches & pad holders looking for a softer pad to teach their beginner students.
This pad is a fantastic alternative to traditional Thai Pads when students are struggling with their technique or recovering from slight injuries/soreness.
Those who are fatigued from holding Thai pads for long durations will also find these pads a soothing alternative.
Hard kickers & those with sore shins will find the feedback of these pads to be extremely comfortable, giving students more confidence to strike a lower risk of further injury.
These sleek pads are engineered with thick yet super-light pillow padding, dual forearm hook & loop pullback straps for comfortable pad security.
If you’re looking for a Thai pad that is built for safety and mass beginner Muay Thai/Kickboxing style classes.
Look no further!


4 reviews for Black Diamond™ Student Muay Thai Pads V30

  1. Jason Lee

    Great set of Thai pads, provides a lot of padding especially when u are holding for pads for a big hitter?

  2. Courtney Rainbow

    Great Thai pads both for holding and hitting. Very comfortable!

  3. Jim O’DONNELL

    Great value for money, I’ve had mine for 10 years now and they are just getting worn in. Nice and light, very comfortable and I have the confidence to give it what I’ve got when kicking.

  4. Cheyanne Hunt

    Very comfortable and well padded!

    Pros: Well padded, soft on the shins which makes this product nice to kick!

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