Black Diamond™ Trainer Thigh Leg Pads

  • Designed to take hard power kicks to the front/outer leg
  • Built for professional muay thai pad holders
  • Sold as a pair
  • Designed with premium, shock-absorbing padding & artificial Thailand leather
  • Can be utilised singularly or as a pair
  • Laced inner leg closures
  • Comes with a pullback, waist belt on each leg
  • One size fits all
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Why choose The Black Diamond™ Trainer Thigh Pads?

The Black Diamond™ Trainer Thigh Pads are an ideal training aid for variations of kicks to the legs.
These secure pads each come with a pullback waist strap and inner leg lacing to ensure you’re locked in tight while still giving the holder complete freedom to check, move and kick back!
This fantastic tool comes as a pair to ensure your student can attack each leg when needed.
If you love using leg kicks in your pad work combinations or you’re a pad holder who is looking to take away the strain of heavy leg kicks off your body, we would highly recommend this product.

4 reviews for Black Diamond™ Trainer Thigh Leg Pads

  1. Ash Sparkes

    Love these instead of a kickshield,
    Finally a thigh pad which can take the grunt of a leg kick!
    No restrictions either, easy to check or throw kicks with as a pad holder also!

    Pros: THICK padding

    Best user for: Muay Thai pad work

  2. Raman McCauley


    Pros: I love them! My PT clients love them! Great for powerful combinations and drilling. Pad work is so much better now.

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Thai pad rounds

  3. Jim O’DONNELL

    I have the old ones, before these were upgraded, which have the velcro connection. The ones I have I find are still perfect to use, great coverage of the thigh area, to allow the fighter to unleash with confidence. Can’t wait to try the new ones. These look like they have more heavy duty padding for bigger kicks. Can’t wait to try them out

  4. Nick Atkins

    Superior protection on the out and inside of the leg,
    Great for fighters to be able to finish combinations with leg kicks.

    Pros: Taking leg kicks comfortably Superior leg protection

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Taking heavy leg kicks

Black Diamond Muay Thai specific series

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