12” Punchtex™ AAA Floor to Ceiling Ball

  • AAA Punch rated
  • Includes an internal bladder & high-grade adjustable straps
  • Internal bladders are replaceable
  • Hook & loop covered zipper enclosure for easy bladder replacement
  • NO dangerous metal parts, dangerous rivets
  • Superior Punchtex™ material casing for durability
(8 customer reviews)

$109.99 NZD


Why choose the 12” Punchtex™ AAA Floor to Ceiling Ball?

The PunchTex Floor to Ceiling Ball kit is a high quality training tool for amateur or professional boxers and fitness enthusiasts.

The Punchtex floor to ceiling ball has a smaller target compared to the Urban range which helps you practice accurate punching for boxing.
It also gives you a solid workout as well as improving footwork and evasion techniques.

The Punchtex Floor to Ceiling Ball is 100% suitable for your home and a commercial gym environment.

  • AAA Punch rated
  • NO dangerous metal parts
  • NO dangerous rivets
  • NO zippers
  • Hige grade adjustable straps
  • Strap loop
  • Material: Punchtex for durability

8 reviews for 12” Punchtex™ AAA Floor to Ceiling Ball

  1. Sean Bowes

    Size and swing speed are great. The casing doesn’t last however. My guys couldn’t bruise a grape either. Realistically speaking, I’ve never known a floor-to-ceiling to last long anyway. They normally break after said time spend 24-36 months hanging idle in the gym awaiting replacement.

    Pros: Good surface to punch, while it lasts. Great swing speed. Not too fast but achievable for average Joes in the gym.

    Cons: Casing doesn't last long. But not many do.

    Best user for: Throwing them like a wood chipper.

  2. karencon

    Exactly as described, the ball and adjustable straps feel of excellent quality and expected to last.
    Finding the right punching rhythm and mixing up with movement gives a great work-out. No heavy hitting required, just technique and concentration.
    All complemented with great delivery. Very highly recommended.

  3. Kane

    Great product, quick delivery. Really easy to set up and adjustments are good.

    Pros: Robust and looks good

    Best user for: All things boxing

  4. Kane

    Great product, quick delivery

    Pros: Robust and looks good

    Best user for: All things boxing

  5. martinjohnsonspam

    Really nice quality product and great for home workouts. A great way to add some variety and a bit more challenge than just bashing away on a heavy bag.

    I’ve paired mine with the PUNCH floor anchor and Bag Hanger so its a breeze to put up and take down and doesn’t get in the way when I’m not using it.

    You can also easily adjust the tension with the adjustable strap (included) on the top bungee to get even more variety between a high and low tension which really changes how the bag behaves when hit.

  6. Tommy Dinh

    Have owned this floor to ceiling ball for about 10 months now and can say that it’s definitely held up and will give you a lot of joy/variety in your training.

    I store it outside, in my sheltered sunroom, so despite all the sun, wind and dust its exposed to, it still looks and feels brand new. I also pump it up about once a month, which is super easy with the hole clearly identifiable. Only thing I would want improved is more adjustment leeway in the bottom strap, so I can pull it lower without having to loosen the ceiling one. Other than that, exceptional product, and great work Punch team!

  7. John


    Pros: Early days. So far very good. Is addictive and fun.

    Cons: Perhaps more instructional videos showing some training routines and assembly.

    Best user for: Timing, reflexes, coordination, moving around an opponent.

  8. Ben

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my floor to ceiling ball by Punch. It was super easy to set up, very nice to hit and the quality of the product is the best I have come across.

    Best user for: Timing, speed & precision.

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