Fuerte™ Floor To Ceiling Butterfly Ball™ Kit

  • Micro, squishy foam, leather ball ( 70mm diameter )
  • No inflation required!
  • Instantly adjustable ball height to suit kids & adults
  • Almost SILENT boxing tool, perfect for use in the home or apartment door jams
  • Engineered for power punching & combination accuracy
  • Built with a 2.7metre, heavy duty elastic cord, allowing use in areas with shorter/taller ceilings
  • Bundled with a mini floor anchor, eliminating hard labour & floor installation
  • Includes 3, adjustable squeeze tabs for optimum bag tension
  • NOTE: Mini floor anchor included ( Filling for anchor not included )
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5 reviews for Fuerte™ Floor To Ceiling Butterfly Ball™ Kit

  1. Deron

    Nice little floor to ceiling. Excellent for working on accuracy. The base is awesome so I can move the set-up around. Much better than drilling holes in the concrete.

    Pros: Easy set-up and no need for drilling the floor.

    Cons: Ball is small so not good for heavy hitting.

    Best user for: Accuracy and timing

  2. Grant Miller

    Setup – Super easy. I followed your video and currently just have a couple water bottles in the weight to hold it down, however I will fill this with something else (possibly sand) to make this a permanent weight). Adjustment for the height was easy and has stayed at the required height. Other floor to ceiling balls I have used I have had issues with the cords which connect them so I am hoping this will stand the test of time.
    So far I love it.

  3. Ricky Budgen

    The team is very happy with the new Fuerte Floor to Ceiling Ball. Super quick adjustable tension and height.

  4. Ash Sparkes

    My favourite floor to ceiling ball by far!
    Easy to install, tension adjust and no bladder, you beauty!

    Pros: Beautiful to hitNo bladder requiredHeight adjustable

    Cons: May be too small for beginners to use

    Best user for: Precision and speed

  5. Denis ‘angry ant’ Giakoumelos

    I love using the mini floor to ceiling ball, great for timing, accuracy & speed, my students love using it as well. Great product from Punch!