Mexican Fuerte™ Ultra Boxing Headgear

  • Extremely, Ultra Light Headgear Designed for Supreme Protection
  • Engineered for Full-Face Protection & Optimum Visibility
  • High Premium Grade Leather Casing Construction for Comfort and Durability
  • Weighing In at Under 10oz
  • One of the Lightest Headgear on the Market
  • 3 Adjustable Sections for Optimal Head Fitting
  • 2 sizes available
(2 customer reviews)

$249.99 NZD

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Why choose the Mexican Fuerte Ultra Head Gear?

The Mexican Fuerte Ultra Head Gear provides world-class, full-faced protection, all constructed in under 10oz.

Wearing this headgear truly feels like you’re wearing nothing at all!

This expertly hand-crafted headgear provides high visibility so you can keep your eyes focused on your opponent/training partner.

A Head Gear Like No Other!

With it’s laced top, rear sections & adjustable buckle chin strap, this headgear provides unbeatable comfort, security & fit.

If you are looking for the finest headgear in the Punch Equipment range that is expertly fit for purpose, you’ve found it!

2 reviews for Mexican Fuerte™ Ultra Boxing Headgear

  1. Raegan Williams

    Very comfortable and lightweight, full coverage, great vision absorbs strikes well. Worth the cost.

    Pros: light, good vision, full protection, quality construction and material. Once sized easy to get on and off.

    Cons: None so far

    Best user for: Sparring

  2. Ash Sparkes

    As a Thai boxer, headgear isn’t widely used for sparring in our gym,
    This headgear however is my only exception.
    I especially love it for elbow sparring with the addition of elbow pads.
    If you want a headgear that doesn’t FEEL like you’re wearing one, this is the right fit!

    Pros: Moulds perfectly to my huge head.Doesn't limit my vision.Incredibly comfortable.

    Cons: Not suitable for those prone to nose injuries

    Best user for: Professional sparring in all combat sports.

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