Trophy Getters® MMA Competition Mitts

(4 customer reviews)


  • AAA Rated
  • Open palm and thumb design
  • Full Wrap Hook and Loop Wrist
  • Gel padded fingers
  • Custom cut shape and fit
  • MATERIAL - Leather
  • Black
  • Red
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

Why Choose?

The MMA Gloves Trophy Getters Competition Mitts are ideally the best gloves for fighting and competition. If you’re looking to compete at a high level in MMA, buy these gloves and start your career with quality mma gloves.

Best features

  • AAA Rated
  • Open palm and thumb design
  • Gel padded fingers
  • Custom cut shape and fit
  • MATERIAL – Leather
  • Full extra wrap hook and loop wrist
  • SIZE: S, M, L, XL


The sizes available range from small to extra large, so any size fighter can purchase these gloves. Both men and women can use these gloves as well. They come with a full wrap hook and loop wrist and quality leather material to last years. The design is custom shaped and will fit your hands nicely.


The gloves are available in either red or black. Red is a great colour for fighting gloves as it hides the blood from your opponent. However, the black gloves are popular as well for competition. Basically, it’s a personal choice of which colour you prefer.

4 reviews for Trophy Getters® MMA Competition Mitts

  1. John Wayne Parr

    I use and recommend Punch® Trophy Getter® competition mitts for all my cage fights. The Gel-MMA mitts give me the confidence to punch hard without damaging my knuckles, at the same time, giving protection to keep my opponent – safer than plain padded gloves.

  2. Brett Jacobsen

    I’ve had most of my MMA fights in these gloves and I train with them all the time. Best around, hands down

  3. Jim O’DONNELL

    These are what we use all the time, for group classes, sparring, stand up and grappling. They are by far the most superior well protected and thought about design, with triple wrist wrapping for extra support, the extra gel pad across the knuckles. The designers definitely made an award winning design right here. I’ve had my pair for around 5 years now, and they get flogged. FANTASTIC value for money

  4. pggatti

    Great Gloves, I had been using boxing style gloves to train on the bags and pads with. I Changed to the MMA style glove because of the difference in punch dynamics with and without gloves. I now train more for self defence in a street situation. The design of these gloves is excellent. The fit was close and compact. The padding sufficient. The price very reasonable, I would absolutely recommend these gloves.