Punchfit® Authentic Thai Pad Combinations eBook

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Why choose the Punchfit® Authentic Thai Pad Work Combinations eBook?

The Punchfit® Authentic Thai Pad Combinations eBook has been created to help coaches, trainers, friends, family, and everyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of Thai pad holding and Thai boxing combinations suitable for entry through to professional level users.

It contains 6 months’ worth of syllabus for coaches, instructors, personal trainers, parents, partners, and all other users to utilise in their training sessions.

This eBook is loaded with technical and practical training safety information for every Thai boxing combination.

The eBook covers equipment & their uses, plus thorough definitions of all training techniques.

This e-book allows you to take this knowledge anywhere and everywhere,

Whether on your PC, tablet, or mobile, take this authentic training syllabus wherever you go!