Black Diamond Classics Muay Thai Boxing Focus Pads

  • Ideal for big hitters & professional pad holders
  • Hand made, double-stitched & built with a stunning pre-curved striking face
  • Gel lined, injected foam padding for superior shock absorption
  • Large palm ball for enhanced grip & greater pad control
  • Thick hook & loop pull-back wrist straps to ensure holding stability
  • Breathable finger covers to prevent accidental injury
(12 customer reviews)

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Why Choose the Black Diamond™ Classics Focus Pads?

If you’re looking for a set of Heavy Duty Focus Pads that are made to be hit HARD!, the Black Diamond Classics are for you!.
The hand-fit is suitable for most hand sizes and is incredibly comfortable as the Focus Pad contains a larger palm ball for extra grip and pad control when catching strikes.
The Classics are leather cased heavy duty gel faced focus pads designed for power shots.
They are well recommended for Muay Thai Training and Pad Holders.
These Focus Pads are built to last and have been tested and proven in the Black Diamond range for decades.
We cannot recommend a better Focus Pad for professional trainers!

Best Features:

  • Ideal for big punchers!
  • Covered finger covers to prevent injury
  • Double Stitched
  • Pre-curved face
  • Gel padding for extra strike absorption
  • Extra wide Hook and Loop secured wrist strap
  • Suitable for most hand sizes
  • Large palm ball for grip/control
  • Material: Genuine extra thick leather, Punchcool® & Punchtex® finger covers

12 reviews for Black Diamond Classics Muay Thai Boxing Focus Pads

  1. Jordan

    Awesome focus pad. The hand fit feels really secure and the thick, quality padding takes a lot of shock away from heavy hitters!

  2. Ian Thompson

    Have been a pad man over 50yrs these are the best pads i have used,heavy hitters no problem no shock in the forearms,shoulders,hands.
    Wish these had been around when i started out.Punch well done excellent.
    Ian Thompson 18/07/2020

  3. Malcolm Urry

    The best focus pads bar none, bought these on the recommendation of our trainer, they simply are the best, great protection, hold firm in place leather and built to last for year of heavy hitting. These absorb all the heavy hits my only regret is not buying them earlier. My previous pad were Everlast and what a load of rubbish they were, nowhere near as much support and they slip when on and this can be dangerous, Black Diamond are just superb and go perfectly with my Trophy Getter gloves

    Pros: Well made, great grip, absorb the big hits, super comfortable

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Intermediate to serious hitters

  4. Jason Cassidy

    My old coach used these and highly recommended them, they are definitely top of the line pads and worth the money

    Pros: Extremely comfortable, good target area. The gel pad makes it easy to control and soak up heavy punches. Great wrist support

    Best user for: Heavy hitters

  5. Ben

    These pads have been absolutely awesome to use. Especially for heavy hitters as they absorb heavy punches very well relieving my wrists, elbows and shoulders much better than any other pads I have used. The wrist strap, finger protection and the ball inside the pad are 3 big reasons why I also love these pads. Super comfortable to hold.

    Pros: Super comfortable and have the pad holders safety in mind.

    Best user for: Heavy punches.

  6. Nick Atkins

    Great protection for heavy hitters.

    Pros: Protection against big strikers

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Pad holding with the giants!

  7. Denis Giakoumelos

    Good for training fighters and big hitters, great support for the pad holder, all round really good pad.

  8. Rian Rees

    Without a doubt my favourite focus pads EVER. Fits my hands beautifully and gives me the much needed support to handle the power punches of my heavyweights.

    I often use the diamond classics for kicking as well, as mentioned before with the much needed padding around the front end of the focus mitts it absorbs alot of the impact instead of the forearms.

    I Recommended for the more serious trainers out there

  9. Ash Sparkes

    Used these for a full year as a trainer @ 12RNDFitness, never did I get sore from holding these bad boys.
    Hands down favourite focus pads!

  10. Darren Freiberg

    Top of the range Pads. Love them. Excellent Protection, feel and comfort beyond anything else I have used before. For big Pad sessions these are the Pads to use. The Black Diamond Series is all Top Grade Gear.

  11. Jarreau Terry

    I’m not sure who thought of this design but it’s genius! I run large classes and these mitts can handle a beating. I’m a huge fan of the feel inside the pad, especially the mount part which secures your grip. If your a serious operator, don’t even look elsewhere- this is legit

  12. Exagym

    The things I love about these pads: quality leather exterior, super easy to grab inside, gel face is a game change for my shoulders, breathes well, strap locks down tight!!
    What I don’t love: Nothing!!! Can’t say enough about this pad.

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