Trophy Getters® Boxing Belly Pad

  • Designed for professional boxing pad holders, coaches & trainers
  • Developed with thick, HD injected padding for superior shock absorption
  • Perfect for Boxing, Kickboxing & Muay Thai training
  • Low profile, extra wide singular, pull back strap
  • Punchtex material casing for serious casing longevity
  • AAA grade product - 2 years, extended manufacturers warranty included
(10 customer reviews)

$139.99 NZD

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10 reviews for Trophy Getters® Boxing Belly Pad

  1. Keegan Bassford

    Great belly pad awesome quality! Nice fit! Heaps of fun!

    Pros: Great quality, nice fit, thick padding

    Cons: Needs to be worn in a little

    Best user for: Boxing

  2. Ash Sparkes

    Fit’s well across the body,
    Absorbs power shots really well.
    Isn’t too bulky & doesnt get in the way when holding pads 🙂

    Pros: Dense padding,Comfortable waist fit

    Best user for: Boxing & Thai boxing padwork

  3. Ben

    Love my Punch Belly Pad. Easy to put on and absorbs punches very well even with my stronger punches. Light weight being easy to move around with to free up my hands getting my boxers to work their body shots.

    Pros: Light weight & absorbs lunches very well.

  4. Nick Atkins

    Fits perfectly & gives great support.
    Highly recommend if you’re a pad holder that throws combinations back at fighters also.

    Pros: Protective Minimal restriction

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Body protection

  5. James Richards

    Terrific bit of kit. Easy to get on and off and provides plenty of protection. Awesome for classes where fast changeovers are required.

    Pros: Easy to strap on between rounds. Great for general classes.

    Best user for: Group classes.

  6. Mark Peacock

    I love these updated belly pads, I am a chick and need to jump in the ring for the guys sometimes and I tell you what – they can knock me over with their punches but they don’t hurt me thanks to this awesome pad! YEAH BRING IT ON!

  7. Sarah

    Perfect for Boxing,

    Pros: Comfortable, Lightweight, Durable and well designed

    Best user for: Training Boxing and Muay Thai

  8. Paul Barrett

    I own 5 of these , you’d be had pressed to find a better piece of equipment for body blow training in boxing

    Pros: Realistic body work , it allows boxers to experience the natural movement of the shoulders and back when landing blows to the body

    Cons: Takes a bit to get used to

    Best user for: Boxing body shots

  9. Rian Rees

    This is a necessary item for me when doing pad rounds with my fighters, it absorbs body shots, knees and kicks to the body very well often saving me from being winded?.

    They provide a nice fit for all shapes and sizes and the velcro strap is durable


    Fits well & made to last, great for taking strong body shots