Urban Boxing Gloves V30

  • A proven, high-grade, synthetic boxing glove for the beginner & intermediate boxer!
  • 3 weights & 10 colourful options to choose from!
  • Designed with a high-grade Enduro 35 synthetic casing
  • Built with premium, injected mould padding & generous palm pillowing
  • 3 inch thick Hook & Loop wrist closure for added wrist support
(16 customer reviews)

$69.99 NZD



Looking for the perfect Boxing Gloves for the Beginner or Intermediate Boxer without compromise on quality!?!

Then the Urban Boxing Gloves are for you!

The Urban Boxing Gloves are a fantastic option for those looking for boxing gloves on an entry-level budget.

These gloves are built with durability, comfort & protection in mind with their long-lasting, Enduro 35 Synthetic Casing.


The Urban Boxing Gloves contain a fully injected mould padding which gives the user a great sense of protection over their knuckles, wrists and palms.

These great gloves also come with a solid, 3-inch, Hook & Loop wrist wrap for added wrist stability to lower the risk of wrist injuries.


The team at Punch recommends wearing hand wraps, quick wraps or cotton inners under your boxing gloves to extend the life of your glove, provide added protection to your knuckles, hand, wrist, and also to keep sweat away from your boxing glove.

Largest range of boxing gloves available online in Australia and New Zealand.

16 reviews for Urban Boxing Gloves V30

  1. Deron

    Good glove at this price point. Not too stiff which means its easy to make a fist. Great for beginners.

    Pros: Great pre curve. Very easy to make a fist.

    Cons: Lining feels a bit plastic like but for the price you can't expect silk.

    Best user for: Pad work and home training.

  2. Richard Hong

    Great gloves, I have venum, rival, everlasting, ring horns and the hand fitting for the Punch 16oz was good, not to thick but enough protection.

  3. Tom

    What a glove. For such a cheap price I did not expect such quality gloves. When you first put them on you feel the tight support needed for your hands and wrists followed by a comfortable fit. The gloves look the part as they also perform when used in sparring and bag work. The 16oz tag was also good as it can be used for proof before sparring.

    Pros: Great fit. Comfortable. Clean look. Price.

    Cons: Could not fault.

    Best user for: All round glove including sparring.

  4. Conor Banim

    Great quality glove and could not be happier with the product for the price, a steal.

    Pros: Good fit and feel, great price.

    Cons: None

    Best user for: Sparring, bag work and pad work

  5. danfitpro

    Bought a 2 pairs…then another 2 few weeks later. Great gloves.

    Highly recommended, no issues

  6. Simon

    My first pair and couldn’t be happier with the price and quality

    Pros: For the quality, the price is a steal There's also quite the selection of colours

    Cons: no cons

    Best user for: beginner boxers

  7. Ollie

    Great quality glove, decent priced as well, good support for the wrist and hand

    Pros: Priced well, colour range is good for all preferences

    Cons: N/a

    Best user for: Boxing training

  8. Mr Lee Kingdom

    I personally use these gloves for sparring, and also for some heavy bag work. Couldn’t find a better product and I wish I purchased them sooner. So comfortable and safe to wear, while offering protection to your opponents whilst sparring.
    Couldn’t recommend them more.

    Pros: Safe and comfortable to wear. Price. Quick and easy to put on.

    Cons: Don’t have any to be honest.

    Best user for: Sparring.

  9. Tahirih McLeod

    Bought several of these for my personal training business – fantastic product – great quality – and delivery was super fast! Awesome padding, wrist and thumb protection. Clients love the quality of the gloves, and they were a great price!

    Pros: price, quality, colour range

    Cons: none yet!

    Best user for: Personal training & fitness for those looking for a quality, safe product.

  10. T Harris

    Love my punch gloves. They are so comfortable and easy to put on. Perfect for My boxing class

    Pros: Comfortable, easy to put on , good quality

    Cons: None

  11. Jeff

    Terrific product. Great entry level with plenty of protection. Look great too & nice selection of colours.

    Pros: Nil

    Cons: Excellent quality product and quick delivery. Highly recommend.

    Best user for: Boxing fitness & bag work

  12. Trish

    My female gym instructor recommended Punch to me as she has had a pair for years. These are the first pair I’ve owned and are way more comfortable than the gloves I’ve borrowed at gym. Have used the gloves for a few weeks now and they fit perfectly. Would recommend to others

    Pros: Comfortable.

    Cons: none

    Best user for: Boxing - Fitness

  13. nissapender

    I absolutely love these gloves. They are super comfy and have great wrist protection. They are really well made. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great priced glove.

  14. Zoe Jackson

    These gloves were the first I brought from Punch, I love the quality and nothing else compares! Comfortable, good looking, affordable, great pair of gloves. My wrist no longer hurts when throwing a punch! I’ll be back.

  15. Karina Groth

    We only use these gloves for all our members as they go the distance. They are an excellent glove for people who are both new to boxing and more experienced. Excellent quality the gloves last well and perform in areas where other brands fail. The wrist strap is great as there is no elastic (often a weak point with other brands) and the range of colours is great for variety. Love these gloves! Cheers, Karina at Punch Love Women’s Fitness

  16. Neil Douglas

    Dear Punch Equipment,
    I figured most people usually only contact a company if something is wrong or to complain.

    I’ve boxed to keep fit for a few years and always picked up minor wrist injuries. I’ve been in Brisbane for the past year and purchased a pair of your urban boxing gloves.
    The standard of the glove is great and I haven’t had any wrist problems using them. The website and catalogue are also great and very informative.

    Many thanks,
    Neil Douglas

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Gloves are designed with attached thumbs for extra safety.

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