Urban Boxing Groin Guard

  • A fantastic entry level groin guard for sparring
  • Protects the lower stomach and groin area
  • Elastic waist & leg straps
  • Unisex

$29.99 NZD

  • M
  • L

Why choose the Urban Groin Guard?

The Urban Groin Guard is an ideal entry-level groin guard designed for protecting you where you need it the most.

This groin guard is a fantastic option for those new to sparring in combat sports/ martial arts.

This groin guard is suitable for both men and women & all levels of boxers, kickboxers & martial artists.

With a stretchable waist and leg bands, it’s incredibly comfortable and super easy to place on & take off.

Ideal for Training or Competition

The groin guard is perfect for training, sparring and competition use. It’s unisex style and comes in 3 sizes; medium, large and extra-large. With an elastic waist, it’s comfortable to wear and durable.

1 review for Urban Boxing Groin Guard

  1. Ethian

    The size was perfect and it’s very comfortable

    Pros: Very comfortable Allows fluid movement Protects your balls very well

    Cons: Nothing

    Best user for: Boxing

Groin Guards Size Chart

This sizing chart is an approximate guide only, individual needs may vary
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