Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves Review

By February 7, 2018October 9th, 2019Product Reviews

Boxing Gloves Review – Trophy Getters

This Boxing Glove review will detail the best reasons for choosing the Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves by Punch Equipment® NZ.

V30 – Update

The V30 version of the Trophy Getters includes a special Truefit logo and an 18 oz version. We’ve also improved the handfit for people with larger hands or using larger wraps.

Glove Type – All-Rounder

The Trophy Getters are ideal for all-round training. They can be used on Punching Bags, hitting pads and for sparring. So they’re very versatile.

Colours – Huge range available

This glove is available in a huge range of colour combinations. They can be purchased in black, blue, green, red, yellow, purple and pink/black.

Weights/Size – 8oz to 18oz

As well as a huge colour range, the Trophy Getters are available in 8oz through to 18oz.

In terms of ideal Boxing Gloves weight/sizing, this is our general guide:

Weight KG Bag Work Sparring
-50kg 8oz 12-16oz
51-65kg 8-10oz 16oz
63-76kg 12oz 16oz
74-90kg 12oz 16oz
88kg+ 12oz 16-18oz
Weight KG Bag Work Sparring
-45kg 6oz 12-16oz
45-50kg 8oz 16oz
50-60kg 10oz 16oz
60-70kg 12oz 16oz
70kg + 12oz 16oz